miercuri, 7 iulie 2010


[You know you love me, I know you care just shout whenever, and I'll be there..You want my love, You want my heart and we will never ever ever be apart. Like baby, baby, baby..ohh.]

['Cuz baby when you're with me, it's like an angel came by, and took me to heaven..it's like you took me to heaven. 'Cuz this life is too long ..and this love's too strong so baby now for sho' that I'll never let you go.]

[Quero mamasita faça favor, eu quero estar junto a ti, meu amor. Gosto de você me das sabor, que sem você em coração falta calor. Vamos mi mininha sem tremer que sim tu beij em coracao perji color..]

[If you hold my hand I'll take you away..my heart beats like a drum la la la everyday..Is it love when we’re dancing togheter, is it love if i’m crying for youIn this world i am dreaming forever now that i’m with you.]

[I'm in love, I'm in love, I'm on fire..Give me love I feel reasons to hold you tight. Touch me for a minute..Take me, get me closer. Life is like a prison, if you are not around.]

[Let me just say I'm so happy today. I've seen a picture from back the other days, I've seen you nervous when I've seen your face..and I miss your sweet embrace. So come back to me and you'll see we'll last eternally Oh baby, we were so meant to be. Don't say it's over..Until it's over, I'll be your lover all your life.]

[Strange-ma in brate si spune-mi ca tu nicicand nu vei pleca..vei fi langa mine sa imi ocrotesti inima. Iubeste-ma astazi, iubeste-ma maine..iubeste-ma dulce ca un inger. Cred in iubire, iar langa tine o mie de ani nu mi-ar ajunge..sa te iubesc]

[Sunt eu..eu, tu si restul lumii. Tine minte, nu conteaza ce abereaza unii. Ca's eu..eu, tu si retul lumii.]

[You're my man, you're my half. Tell me what's happening..i know something's wrong. I can tell when you lie, i can tell stopped trying. Can i love you forever through this? Can i trust in you forever through this?]

[Love, you know I’ll fight for you..I left on the porch light for you. Whether you are sweet or cruel, I’m gonna love you either way. Love, oh, love, I gotta tell you how I feel about you..‘Cause I, oh, I can’t go a minute without your love. Like a satellite, I’m in an orbit all the way around you. Love, i got it bad for you, I saved the best i have for you.]

[you could be the one in my dreams, you could be much more than you seem, i can see it in your eyes, it doesn’t count as a surprisei, see you dancing like a star, no matter how different we are..for all this timei’m in love with you..]

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